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Cargo Handling

At Macau International Airport Cargo Terminal, Menzies Macau acts as a provider of loading/unloading, warehousing, screening and onward logistics services.

Safety and Security is the highest priority of air cargo services around the world. Menzies Macau takes no shortcuts in investing staff training, x-ray screening machines, CCTV surveillance system.

Our cargo warehouses are equipped with the latest equipment to securely store high value goods and keep temperature sensitive load such as pharmaceutical goods, animals and flowers at the precise temperature.

The brand new Menzies Macau air cargo terminal commenced operation in the first quarter of 2015, offering a 5600 m² state-of-the-art facility with an annual handling capacity of 60,000 tons per year. In 2017, Menzies Macau cargo warehouse capacity will be expended to 6940 m².

Our cargo facility has:

  • Chiller and freezer facility
  • Live Animal, Dangerous Goods room
  • Dedicated high value security room
  • Q6 pallet capable X-ray machines
  • 15 loading/unloading truck docks
  • Open 24 hours daily
  • Full coverage security surveillance system
  • HERMES cargo system
  • 2 remote cargo warehouses in Guangzhou

    Menzies Macau expended the cargo network into Mainland China: cargo warehouses in Huadong (5 minutes’ drive to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport) and Pingsha (30 minutes’ drive to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport) at Guangzhou. Along with the supportive cooperation with carriers, cargo forwarders and customers, Menzies Macau aim to provide sufficient end-to-end cargo transit services with highest safety and security standards.

    Menzies Macau understood that shipping cost and transit time are the most critical factors when it comes to trading industry. With this warehouse location and beneficial government policies of Macau-Zhuhai customs, customers can enjoy one-stop service of cargo transiting from/to Macau and Mainland with high efficiency at minimum cost.

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