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Ground Handling

Menzies Macau Airport Services ensure an EXCELLENCE FROM TOUCHDOWN TO TAKEOFF ground service performances. We handle every commercial flight that arrives and departs from Macau International Airport. From safety to on-time performance, our record is second to none.

Our Ground Handling services include:

  • Passengers check-in
  • Boarding, Arrival and transfer services
  • Ticket sales desk
  • VIP Meet & Greet
  • Expresslink
  • Lost & Found
  • Airside transportation
  • Baggage transfer, loading and unloading
  • Aircraft pushback and towing
  • Aircraft ground power and start-up
  • Aircraft shuttle transportation
  • Cabin cleaning
  • Aircraft lavatory & water service
  • Aircraft Line Maintenance
  • Freighter loading & unloading
  • Charter flights
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